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From form layout and design to simplifying a users' workflow, I consider the user experience throughout the entire process. As well, I consider how the code implementation will function and either develop my designs into code at various levels, depending on the deliverable required and/or need. In most cases I'll build out prototypes (may be sketches, clickable [photoshop] mockups, or functional prototypes) to fine tune the design and or functionality so that my client knows exactly what they'll receive from me.

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Listen to you, the stakeholder(s) and determine a best approach to a layout/design. Gather information and consider color, spacing, audience, branding, goals and forward growth with the implementation.


Design true-to-pixel mockups and convert to html, css, javascript and/or other backend language/database. Using Sketch, Photoshop, and/or Illustrator, Sublime Text with various frameworks as needed for a true and positive user experience.


Web hosting, eccommerce, database setup, blog support, domains, SEO, and content management system setup and integration using Wordpress and creating custom plugins and themes for any given and specific task.... Including integrating into other backend systems and data.


(some of) my work

View some of my development and design (note: some of my work not available for viewing). To view a more detailed portfolio of some of my non-freelance work, please contact me.


(some of) my photography

Please take a look at a some of my images. Most are available for purchase. (Note: NFL photos not available for purchase.)

About me

In most cases I'll build out prototypes (may be sketches, clickable [photoshop] mockups, or functional prototypes). For example, my concepts/designs/layouts may be in Photoshop or Illustrator -- so (as needed per client) I'll code out exactly as I've designed to the pixel and font, sometimes just as a 'template', or html/css/javascript or even at the backend level (PHP, .Net, asp, etc.). Listed below is a breakdown:


Need help with any web projects, a site and/or application redesign? Or need someone to maintain your site or make the process of updating easier? Let me know and I'll work with you - I'm cost effective and will create a positive ROI for you.

information architecture

Create, modify, and/or analyze taxonomies, create/analyze personas, and generate/analyze scenarios. Create wireframes, storyboard, interactive prototypes, generate process flows, and site maps. Analyze current processes and determine a best approach to the process - solve problems.

information design

Organize data and/or information so that the user and the application are efficient and visually design layout of information. Understanding of User Centered Design philosophies and methodologies, interface design, and usability.


Determine most efficient workflows, impliment usability standards, develop standards, templates, and internationalization. Assess accessibility issues and act as user advocate.

content management integration

Design and develop appropriate templates and integrate back end data/content for and with Content Management tools and applications (using Wordpress and/or Expression Engine). Basically, I'll make your site or application easy to update without intervention.

visual design

Effectively use Photoshop and Illustrator to develop and design applications, websites, portals, portlets, and various anatomies of each and incorporate positive design around your brand. Also use Flash for subtle animation when necessary.

metrics analysis

Generate Metrics reporting and analyze data to determine trouble spots, issues, concerns, and trends. Google Analytics and Mint.

Search Engine Optimization

Implement coding techniques to ensure quality search engine results.


Develop applications using XHTML/DHTML, AJAX, CSS, XML, XSLT, PHP, JAVA, JSP, ASP, SQL (MYSQL, ORACLE, MS SQL, INFORMIX, Access), JAVASCRIPT and Cookies. Content Management System integration, development, and template design and development: Expression Engine, Wordpress, and custom builds. Software: IBM Websphere, RAD, JBuilder, Visual Studio, MySQL, Oracle, Linux, Unix, Windows, Apache, IIS, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Git.